Frosted Tints

Frosted Tints

This type of window tint comes in opaque, and is not able to be seen through from a distance. (note, that if an object is sitting against the frosted tint on the glass, it will be visible. If the object is placed 5 cm away it will no longer be clearly visible). Frosted Tints are commonly used on bathroom and front entrance windows of homes. This will add privacy and still allow light to enter into the room.

The photo with the maroon door shows our Frosted Tint installed from the outside. This will give the glass a matte finish effect look from the outside, and a glossy finish from inside.


At night it will continue to function for privacy regardless to having the lights switched on inside your home. There will be no need for curtains or blinds on these windows when this Tint is installed.


The photo with the blue door shows the tint installed from the inside being opposite to the picture above (red door). In 99% of the cases, internal application is recommended.

Frosted Tints

Here we have a perfect example of the need of some privacy from the bedroom to the en suite without the need to have curtains or blinds that in this case, would only be in the way. Curtains and blind are not suitable on a window that is in a path way (on the side of the picture where I am standing), or above a spa bath, or a bathtub,(on the opposite surface of the glass).


Here we have an example of a partition glass wall in need of privacy. Curtains or blinds in this case would not suit. They will create noise when the office or shop doors open, and allow the breeze to enter the room. This will make the curtains and blinds sway. A touch of frost works the best in these cases, as you can see in this photo.

Frosted Tints, can also create a feature type wall and, or look tidy in an office. Privacy issue solved with all the added bonuses, including a good budget.


There are other types of tints for home window tinting & office window tinting that also block out completely. These are called block out vinyls.
It’s not possible to see through these types of window tints at all.

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