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Queensland Window Tinting Laws

Queensland Window Tinting Laws (Sept 2017)

  1. A total light transmittance of 35% or higher, is permitted on the drivers door, and the passenger front door windows.

  2. All window behind the drivers seating position, are allowed to have a darker window tint applied. The total light transmittance must not exceed 20%. Your vehicle must also be fitted with a rear view mirrors on both sides.

  3. Front windscreens are only permitted to have a horizontal band across the top section. They can not exceed 10% of the total windscreen height, and must not extend over the path of your wipers.

  4. The windows in the cargo section of all goods vehicles, can be tinted as dark as 0% total block-out.

  5. The window tint on all windows will need to be in good condition. For more info, click here

Action Tint will recommend you to have your window tint applied to your vehicle’s glass at no darker than the legal limits, and keeping your windows clean at all times to comply with Queensland Window Tinting Laws. If for whatever reasons, you choose to ignore our recommendations, please be aware that if your windows are inspected by an authorised authority, you may be required to remove any window tint that is not compliant to the current rules and regulations of the state of your vehicles registration. In Queensland, a fine may be issued, and one demerit point may be deducted from your license. Authorised authorities include Roadworthy Inspectors, Queensland Transport, Police.