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Important information you need to know for window tinting quotes

Home window tinting and Office window tinting

Please note: As a general rule for home and office tinting, we give quotes over the phone, text message, & via e-mail. All you need to do is measure the height & width of the window frame that you need tinted.

Alternately: We can come out and measure your windows. The cost for this service starts from $30.00

  • Home & Office Window Tint Quotes

If you are measuring your own windows for a quote :

  1. Aluminium window frames : please measure the entire window, and not just the visible glass.

  2. Timber / wood, or frame less windows : please measure the glass edge to edge

Please advise of any windows:

  1. of reaching height greater than 2.5 meters from the floor to the top of the glass 

  2. on a Staircase 

  3. in a Kitchen 

  4. in a Bathroom 

  5. that have Internal Security Screens  

  6. on a Front Entrance Door 

  7. made from Timber / Wood  

  8. that are of a Colonial style 

  9. that are Skylights

  10. with obstructions of easy access to the glass that needs to be tinted. (example : fixed furniture, desks, electronics, benches, etc) 

  11. located around swimming pools, or balconies 

  12. made from other material other than glass. (example : perspex, plastic, etc)

  13. that have old, faulty, or unwanted Window Tint that needs to be removed

NOTE: you may be required to provide a photo ​of the window that you need tinted.

If you would like to see picture examples of home window frames with a price guide for window tinting click here.


All window tints come from International Window Tinting Film manufactures & are distributed in Australia.

All window tinting films are covered with a warranty of 10 years, plus have our Lifetime installation Warranty

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Action tint mobile window tinting 1300 763 357

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