Removing Faulty Window Tinting

Action Tint can Professionally remove your faulty window tinting!


  • If your window tinting has been damaged.
  • When your film has peeled or has D’laminated.
  • Does the tint colour look faded?
  • Has your tinting has turned purple, bubbled or gone cloudy or hazy?
  • If your tint has cracked or crazed…


 Window Tinting Film Removal


On this page, pictures shows two good example of a non roadworthy tint on a wind up window, and a rear screen. On the wind up window, the glass is no longer clearly seen through from the inside, and the mirror is not viewable. And on the rear screen, the tint has bubbled, and is difficult to see through the glass.  These are classed as faulty tints and should be removed immediately as they are not safe, and are not permitted on registered road vehicles. Feel free to continue reading below the steps required for removing faulty window tinting.

Step by step instructions on removal of faulty window tint

Removing faulty window tinting

This job is done with a steamer to ensure that no damage to the rear heater bars occur and it is highly recommended that professionally trained window tinting experts should do the job. The water steamer operates at over 100 degrees! Lot’s of patience and skill is required for removing the faulty window tinting.


  • Prepare the area. (have enough space to move around the vehicle)
  • Prepare Water Steamer. (read safety instructions)
  • Remove door trims & rubbers if needed. (experience needed)
  • Cover rear parcel shelf and seats with towels and drop sheets.
  • Once the steamer is ready for use, apply steam to the Tint
  • With a plastic stick, pick the edge of the tint
  • Grab onto the tint and gently pull away.
  • Once tint is removed, spray glue remover
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe off. (SAFE METHOD)

Note: The combination of correct temperature, and pull away technique, will assist in leaving less or no residue. (sticky old glue)

Note: Some tints can be removed with no heat or hot steam.

Note: Glass with no heater bars. Spray soapy water on glass to loosen up left over adhesive, and use a stainless steel razor blade with plastic holder to remove residue. (experience necessary)

Note: Rear screens with heater bars, can be cleaned with a fine piece of  steel wool.

Close Up View

removing faulty window tinting

In this case the rear screen has been removed from the car. The steamer is in use for the removal of the old purple tint. The removal of the glass from the frame of the car is to ensure proper cleaning and re installation of new tint with no gaps or bubbles around the edges.Might look simple but you could find this activity quite tricky. Don’t try this on your own.

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