Mirror Tint vs Metal Tints

Mirror Tints  vs Nano Ceramic Tints

Looks before and after the installation of Mirror reflective Tint


Mirror tint reduces heat, protects floors and furniture, cuts down the glare, adds safety to the glass, adds privacy, is easy to maintain clean and improves style and fashion. Mirror window tinting works well for reflecting heat from the direct sunlight and shades the floors and furniture inside your room. It cuts down unwanted light (glare) making it easier to see through the glass while the sun is shining on it, and harder for others to see in. Mirror tints are more likely to suit rooms that are not too bright as reflection inside the room can make the glass to shiny from the inside, and this in turn will make it harder to see out.

There is now a new tint called Action One Way Mirror. Shinny outside only! 

At night and with lights on (if too bright), you will still need to draw curtains and blinds for privacy. Cleaning of the windows from the inside can’t get any easier. Just a simple wipe with a soft damp cloth with water does a great job. You can also use a little Mr. Sheen. A good way to lighten up your investment. 

Looks before and after installation of Action 05/75


This type of window tint will also update style and fashion to your home front, reduce heat in the room, help protect floors and furniture, reduce unwanted light (glare), will add safety to the glass in the case of accidental breakage, is great for privacy during the day, and easy to maintain clean. This type of window tint acts as an insulator by shading the area of direct sunlight entering your windows without the need to draw blinds during the day and blocking out the view you may want to still see. At night and with lights on, you will still need to draw curtains and blinds for privacy.

Action 18/75 Metal Tint viewed from inside.


This picture will give you an idea of how your windows will look like from the inside of your room. You will no longer need to draw your curtains or binds during the day. You can now enjoy your views.


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